home-improvementPeople like to come home and feel welcomed. Much of this feeling is given by the interior of the house, and it’s very important to know how to decorate your house to get it. You don’t have to spend too much to achieve this, but you have to have a good taste in decorations.

It’s a custom to hire an interior decorator to do this for you, but if you use a little of your personality and some imagination, everything could turn out fabulous. What nobody tells you though is that you can do it by yourself and you can start with the floors.

Today we are talking about the hardwood floor and how important this is in a home.

The Age

Home-Improvement-Kitchen-DecorHardwood floor, as the name says, it’s made out of wood, cut and fit perfectly to offer it resistance and endurance. However, if your hardwood floor was installed some long time ago, you might observe that it has lost its shine or it has stains on it. This wouldn’t be a huge problem, but there may also be missing pieces or the hardwood might be stained in a strange color.

However, the age of the hardwood floor doesn’t matter too much, because you can easily restore its beautiful aspect, making it look brand new again.


The Aspect

There are different kinds of hardwood that might have been used for creating the floor, and if the wood is stained, you need to see what the original aspect was. Some wood has a beautiful look, without being stained with special substances or darker lacquer, so you’ll have to see how it looked at first.

Clear the Room

To start such a project, first of all you need to clear the room. If you can’t take out all the furniture from the house, especially if you have more rooms with home-improvement-lady2hardwood floor, simply do one room at a time. You will need an electrical sander and a source of electricity. Those are all the materials you will need in the beginning, and if you want to give the wood another color, you will need some cloth, stain and wood lacquer.


The electrical sander will help you bring the hardwood floor to its original aspect, eliminating all the stains and the wood lacquer, if there is any. However, if the wood has spots of oil or any other deep stain, this won’t come out with the sander.

Even so, this machine will help you also level the floor, making sure that there are no bumps in it. You don’t have to buy this, but you can borrow it from someone or simply rent it from the home improvement stores.

Cleaning the Dust and Debris

homeimprovementNow that you have sanded the whole room, you can see the original aspect of the wood. However, before you can go to the next phase, you’ll have to take out all the dust and debris that was left there after sanding.

This will prevent any imperfection to show if you choose to stain the wood or to lacquer it directly.


You can find this in the home improvement stores and it’s actually quite cheap. To know what you are looking for – it is a dark colored dust that is sold by pound or kilos. You will have to mix it with water and try it on a piece of wood. For two liters of water, you can add about two table spoons for a nice color. However, try it before you use it and add more stain if you want to get a darker color.

Now, all you have to do is take the cloth, soften it in stain and start rubbing the floor. You will see from the first time you apply it that the wood will simply absorb the color and the aspect will be wonderful.

429223You will have to cover the whole room with this, but make sure you apply it even.


Once this is finished, you will have to let the stain dry for a few hours, until the wood is good to be lacquered. Apply the wood lacquer with a brush, and make sure you apply it in even coats. When the lacquer will be dried, the hardwood floor will look brand new again, with a beautiful aspect.

This is actually a quite easy project, and if you want to learn more about how to renew your hardwood floor, you can read more here.

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